Trens e Notificações (2min)

(English Version can be found HERE) No qual Julian vai até a periferia de São Paulo (para um bairro – Perus) num trem aparentemente anacrônico.   Não sei exatamente como os responsáveis pelo transporte público decidem, de todas as carruagens em serviço, qual trem vai tocar qual região. Mas sei que este trem é velho mesmo. A cara desgastada e meio-acabada de tinta que era … Continue reading Trens e Notificações (2min)

Trains and Notifications (2min)

(Versão em português pode ser acessada AQUI) In which Julian goes to the outskirts of São Paulo (to a neighborhood called Perus) via a seemingly antique public train.   I don’t know how the transit authorities choose to service a given area with a given train. But I know this one is old. The worn and worked look of formerly sexy paint and the permanent … Continue reading Trains and Notifications (2min)

Mimics – Imitações (5min)

(English Version can be found HERE) Entre o portão de entrada que poderia estar em um parque da Disney e o templo, um caminho pavimentado em pedra do tamanho de um campo de futebol americano ou um lugar onde uma nave espacial pousaria numa terça-feira qualquer às 04:37 da manhã. Um lugar que te obriga a sentir que “Eu estou em algum lugar.” um portão … Continue reading Mimics – Imitações (5min)

Mimics (5min)

(Versão em português pode ser acessada AQUI) Between the Disney-scale entrance gate and the temple there lies a stone-paved courtyard. Like football field. Or like a runway where maybe a spaceship would land on an unassuming Tuesday morning at 4:37am. A place that wants to obligate you to think “I am somewhere.” a massive entrance gate. There is a buddhist temple about 50 minutes outside … Continue reading Mimics (5min)

Grandma says (4min)

My grandma is a sharp person. Moreover, when she is on a roll, on a good day, my grandmother is ridiculously funny. Imagine the enthusiam of Gilbert Godfrey plus the dry socially-sideways observationalism of Jerry Seinfeld, and then put that inside an 85 year old Jamaican woman who has maintained a gloriously radiant accent and cackles when she laughs (the good type of cackle). Ive recently decided that it … Continue reading Grandma says (4min)

Harmonization-ism (8min)

– Portuguese translation coming soon. tradução em português em breve . . . mais ou menos –  I am a few meters from a crosswalk Stopped. Some species of a frenetic pause – the scene is still (or maybe it is just me) yet everything is moving, changing, but silent. Two little girls are playing across the street – one pushes the other on a miniature bike. … Continue reading Harmonization-ism (8min)

Secure Handlebars + video (6min)

[Twain once said something like the best swordsman in England isnt afraid of the second best swordsman, he is afraid of the crazy man swinging a rake]. i like this. I brought my road bike down to Sao Paulo. Many locals told me I was “swinging-a-rake” crazy. I figured, hell, a move like this “bring zhe bike son, bring it” because re-buy anything decent here … Continue reading Secure Handlebars + video (6min)